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Welcome to Sitaaron Ki Duniya.

This site is dedicated to "Stars" of the Galaxy. Stars comes in every shape and size. They are far and they are near. They are young and they are old. They are all around us. Similar to stars, knowledge exists all around us. Select the numerous options to know more about yourself.


Temple of Jyotish Maharishi offers Several services. You can contact us for following services.

  • You can request a Puja based on your Janam Kundli

  • You can request a complete Vastu evaluation of your residential property or your business location

  • You can also request Horoscope Reading based on your date of birth

  • The other specialized Consultation are also offered

Perform Puja

Puja is a religious ritual performed as an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, or special guests.


A horoscope is the picture of the planets during the birth of a person. The horoscope is a collective information that..

Divine Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that deals with the holistic designing and building of living environment.

Astro Consultation

A Vedic astrological session is life changing experience because of the knowledge you will get.

Vivah (Marriage)

Hindu samskars consider marriage as an auspicious as well as most important part of a person's...

Sudarshan Homam

Sudarshan Homam is a powerful homam consisting of the recitation of many Veda mantras...

Tarot Reading

Tarot Card reading is not about future telling. Tarot cards reading is about connecting.


Mantra Albums

Mantra Albums for Astrology and Vastu Remedies. Currently there are three albums containing ...

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