The old sacred science of Astrology is based on the idea that there is a correspondence between the positions of the planets and the signs of the zodiac on one hand and the events occurring on the other. Astrology guides that for certain people born at a certain time, a particular stone will be lucky, or that on a particular day it will be advisable for everyone to wear a particular stone.

Wearing of the appropriate zodiacal gem always strengthen the influence of the zodiacal planet upon those born under it, and medium for the transmission of the stellar influence.

Gems occupy a place of pride in astrology. Varahamihira has provided details. Brihat Samhita starts with the ascertion that auspicious gems bring good luck to the king and inauspicious gems bad luck रत्नेन शुभेन शुभं भवति नृपाणामनिष्टमशुभेन

There are approximately 25,000 to 30,000 natural stones in the world. Only 40 to 45 stones are considered precious and semi precious stones.

There are six different ways to find out the birthstones for any particular person. These six methods are as under

1. Palmistry is one of the old ways

2. On the basis of Numerology.

3. From the English Month of the birth.

4. By calculating from English Month and Date of Birth.

5. Actual Horoscope of the day of the birth.

6. Based on the actual Birth Time Horoscope.

Sitaaron ki duniya can help you in:

  • Identify the suitable gemstone for you
  • Size and Metal in which the gemstone will be established
  • Protocol to wear the ornament to provide highest benefit.

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Related to Sun and the gem stone is hot in nature. Should be worn in Gold on Sunday in the Ring Finger.


Related to Moon and is cold in nature. Should be worn in pink or ring finger on Monday.

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Red Coral

Related to Mars (Mangal) and is hot in nature. Worn in ring or middle finger on Tuesday. Preferred metal is silver or copper depending on the chart.

Blue Sapphire

Related to Saturn and is cold in nature. Can we be worn in different metals depending on the chart. Should be worn in middle finger on Saturday.