Mahurat is a moment or time most auspicious for a particular occasion or commencement of an activity, and is calculated on the basis of many variables like nature of concerned activity, horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity, planetary position, lunar day, 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed.

Mahurat is the best planetary position to start an endeavor. During Mahurat native should commence the activity for which Mahurat is referred to.

The significance of a Mahurat

By getting a Mahurat Horoscope made, one ensures that one is not going against natural forces and beginning an auspicious and important task when all cosmic powers are favorable.

Tithi (Lunar date)

Tithi is the lunar date. There are thirty tithis in a lunar month. A Tithi is also a measure of separation of the Moon and Sun from each other. Each Tithi has its own independent planetary lord. Persons born under different Tithis have different characteristics. For example, a person born on full moon day (poornima) will have stronger characteristics of the moon than a person born on new moon day (amavasya).

The Tithis are divided into five groups:

1. Nanda (Ananda or Joyous) tithis - Prathipada (1st), Shasti (6th) and Ekadashi (11th) bestows happiness and joy

2. Bhadra (Arogya or Mangala or Healthy) tithis – Dwitiya (2nd), Saptami (7th) and Dwadashi (12th) good for stating new work

3. Jaya (Victory) Tithis –Tuesday Tritiya (3rd), Ashtami (8th ) and Trtayodashi (13th) good for winning over enemies

4. Rikkta (Loss or Nashta) Tithis – Saturday Chathurthi (4th), Navami (9th) and Chaturdasi (14th) not good for any important work, so it is avoided

5. Poorna (Sampoorna - Full Moon or New Moon) Tithis –Thursday Panchami (5th), Dashami (10th) and Amavasya (15th)(New Moon) or Poornima (15th) very good to complete all jobs

Note : There are 4 important tithis which do not require any muhurtam, since each of the entire tithi is considered good. Any important work like wedding etc. can be done on these tithis. These are:

1 Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Prathama)

2 Akshya Tritiya

3 Vijaya Dasami

4 Kartika Shukla Pratipada (Prathama)

If you want to know which Mahurat is good for you and what is the Tithi on which you can you have your auspicious work done, contact us by clicking here.