About Arti Ji

Arti Ji was born in Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in a Pandit Family. She had lot of educational choices growing up because of diverse educational background in her family.

Arti Ji is proud heir of Siddh Peeth Hanuman Temple which is located in Central Meerut. And growing up in temple premises she absorbed the pure vibes of the Sanctum of the Hanuman Temple.

She grew up surrounded by family members and in an environment that was pure religious and pious. She inherited multi tasking and clarity in speech expressions from her father. The religious environment at home gave her exposure to religious knowledge including lot of Authentic Hindu Vedic Pooja Vidhis. This was her first exposure to Vedic Astrology at a very tender age and her inspiration towards the subject.

Most of Arti Ji's education was in Uttar Pradesh, India and her research work was in United States.

After her graduation in Science, she acquired design certification and Masters in Arts at the same time.

After completing her Masters in Arts with English as Major, Arti Ji completed her Graduation in Law followed by Bachelors in Education. In her third year of Law Graduation, she was already mentoring students from first and second year of same curriculum.

Arti Ji's educational knowledge, her professional experience of teaching at various graduate level schools, and her exposure to Vedic Astrology from family background, motivated Arti Ji to switch to Media. She completed her PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass communications and started researching on various religious aspects of Indian Astrology.

By the time she graduated, she was interviewing Vastu Shastris and Astrologers in Northern India. She coordinated several live and recorded interviews, sometimes as TV Anchor and sometime as Admin Manager of the entire Program. During this phase of her research work started as she realized that Astrologers, Numerologists and Palm readers were not offering a holistic picture. In her research she did gap analysis in different astrological guidance. She then focussed on how to translate and uncomplicate the poetical verses interpolated with philosophy and hidden nuances of destiny form the core 'farmaans' of the book.

With her research in the field of Jyotish along with her experience, she was awarded the tile of Jyotish Maharishi. Arti Ji has not stopped her research work till date and has contributed in authoring astrology books and articles in several newspaper in India and United States.

Arti Ji won over one hundred co-curricular activity awards and received various accolades from Indian legislative assembly members, senior police officers and government officials at reputed places. She has several recommendations from her experience.