Tarot Reading

Tarot Card reading is not about future telling. Tarot cards reading is about connecting with one's higher self. Tarot cards provide the required aide for the connection. Tarot reading is done mainly to answer a specific question or an open reading baout the larger aspect of the life, when you are facing a life changing event.

When you are participating in Tarot reading, make sure you are

* Keeping your options open. Do not look for the answer you have in mind. Instead, be ready to see from a brand new perspective.

* Finding optimal detail in discussion. During the reading, asking too granular detail or too high level, is not appropriate. The reading should be about improvement in your life, career, business etc.

* Flexible and Neutral. Avoid getting reading with some preconceived mindset. Instead of raising issues, focus on achieving solutions. Look for cooperation and participation in activities that you perform.

* Avoid negative thoughts. Tarot reading is about connecting with your self and negative energy will prevent you from that connection.

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