Sudarshan Homam

Sudarshan Chakra is personified in a form of deity, usually with sixteen arms. He is shown as a powerful warrior standing amidst a six-cornered flame emitting star (chakra), in pratyaleadh posture (in a posture of movement). His complexion is red; his hair locks are formed by crowns of flames and his three eyes are golden. In his sixteen hands he holds disk, conch, noose, goad, club, axe, spear, stick, shataghni (fire emitting weapon with hundred pores), sword, spear, bow, arrow, thunderbolt, mace, pestle and trident. In this form he bestows boons of wealth, victory over enemies and freedom from disease. The six spokes which form a star, represents six chakras: achakra; vichakra; suchakra; jwala-chakra; trailokya-raksha-chakra; and asurantaka-chakra.The Chakra transcends space and time. The Mahabharata refers to the wheel of time (Kala Chakram), denoting the temporal aspect of the Sudarshana Chakram. The Chakram is the mighty jwala which forms the center of the Kalanala (fire at the end of time). This Jwala has the radiance of a thousand suns as can be seen from the opening salutation of the Sudarshana Kavacham. The Chakram dispels all ignorance and darkness.

Sudarshan Homam is a powerful homam consisting of the recitation of many Veda mantras preceded by seed mantras and dedication mantras. This Homam is addressed to the fierce but benevolent flames and other parts of Sudarshan Chakra. In this Homam, if the Lord is pleased, you may get glimpses of the Lord in the seven tongued flame ( सप्त जिव्हा ) arising out of the Homam.

Sudarsana Shadkam sthothram is about the fierce and yet auspicious Sudarsana Jwala, can be recited here.

May the radiance of Shri Sudarshan Chakra remove all worries and grant you happiness