Upcoming Albums

Mantra is a Sanskrit word which indicates a sacred sound. Earliest Mantras were composed in Vedic Times. Most Pujas comprise of the numinous sound of Mantras.Arti Ji is offering various Albums of these melodic phrases with spiritual guidance to human who are longing for truth, reality, peace, love, knowledge and light.

These Mantras will musically uplift with the spiritual meanings and are sacred formulas that are considered equivalent to deities.

Mantras are presented in multiple albums based on their various forms includes versus from Rigveda and musical chants from Samveda.

The objective is to provide you these mathematically structured meters, that are resonant with numinous qualities.

Sanskrit word Mantra comprise of two words "Man" as in Mind and "Tra" as in tool or instrument. And literal translation would be "Instrument of thoughts". These Albums will take your thoughts to the level where you can meditate while recitation and enjoy the peace they bring to your mind.