Rudra translated as "The Howler" or "The roarer" is synonymous to Lord Shiva. Abhishekam literally translates as worshipping god by putting "Tilak" over the forehead of God.

Shri Ram as incaranation of Lord Vishnu established Shivling before crossing the sea, to express his devotion to Lord Shiv.

Shri Ram performed the pooja in Lord Shiv's Rudra form, is hailed by Vedas as ghe greatest Pooja to remove evils, achieve desires and prosperity.

The earliest mentions of Rudra occur in the Rigveda, where three entire hymns are devoted to Lord Shiv. Here Lord Shiv is referred as the "Father of the Universe"

Following steps are performed

  • Puja of Lord Ganesha
  • Kalash Sthapana
  • Shivling Sthapana
  • Recitation of Laghunyasa
  • Shivopasana mantra
  • Recitation of 108 names of Lord Shiv
  • Recitation of Sri Rudram
  • Shivling abhishekam

Entire atmosphere become pious and pure. Three hundred and forty six desires of human being are identified for leading a peaceful life. Lord Rudra is invoked to fulfill them.