Partner Consultation

  • Couples who are always arguing.
  • Couples seeking children.
  • Partners who are starting to lose interest in each other.
  • To build up the losing confidence and loyalty.
  • Problems related to their children.
  • Couples where parents dominates the decision.
  • Problems related to the interference of a third person leading to discord.
  • Couples not being accepted by either or both families.
  • Maintenance of accord for lifetime.

Consultation for partners is like advocating for a smooth and successful life with the partner. Both married and unmarried partners may come across difficult situations. Service offered includes guidance, directions to sort the issues out and understand each other's nature based on the planetary position. In this special service couples consult Arti ji about their relationship and their relationship as perceived by people around them. Partners at the brink of a separation were able to prevent it with the Vedic astrological advice given by Arti ji. She has successfully applied Vedic astrology, Gem jyotish and lal kitab remedies to bring back harmony into the couple. Arti Ji's couple counseling has been benefited couples in cases like this.

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