Business Consultation

Small businesses and start ups mostly face challenges because of variety of reasons. Evaluation of when is suitable to start a new venture, expand an existing venture, is done.

Temple of Jyotish Maharishi has been providing astrological advice to various business houses. It has helped many businessmen manage their business in a holistic way leading to positive energy in the workplace and to the employees. This has improved the work environment, employee satisfaction and ultimately attaining higher profits to the company. The whole range of corporate Vedic astrological services includes:

  • Selecting an astrologically auspicious name for a new company.
  • Vastu consultancy for the workplace.
  • Selecting right people for the right job by matching their competence through astrology.
  • Finding astrologically propitious time for business travel.
  • Finding good and bad periods for the business and remedies to overcome those bad periods.
  • Astrological recommendations about opening new offices.
  • Auspicious time to sign new contracts and ventures to be successful.
  • Vedic and lal kitab remedies for growth and prosperity of the company.

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