Diamond (हीरा)

Diamond or Heera is transparent gemstone in color. Diamond that reflects the colors of a rainbow, is light and round but exhibits all its eight facets, and is without lines or dots is best diamond. Diamond is a very hot gem stone. It should be worn in silver, white gold or platinum on the middle finger of right hand on Friday.

Diamond is the most expensive gem stone. It act as a symbol of a luxurious life. Diamond helps us get to the essence of things. It makes us a courageous person to look within ourselves without illusion. Diamond strengthens will power and also bring general luck. Diamond is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of a person. It also enhances sexual power, cures diabetes, diseases of urine and venereal diseases, skin and uterine diseases. It also inspires us to take better care of our health. It protects one from the bad influences of evil spirits, and snakebites.

Diamond makes the person bold to take up challenges and enables the wearer to do good deeds. The wearer of diamond plan his things before hand and also takes timely action. It is associated with peace and prosperity. It is recommended for ladies have marital problems. Even artists, dancers, singers are recommended to wear them for thier success. A person wearing a diamond has a good image in social and family circle.

Diamond is highly recommended for those born on the 5th , 14th and 23rd of a month. It is also recommended for those who have Venus well placed in their natal charts or in their horoscopes.

Qualities of Heera:

  1. Diamond is a colorless gemstone with a blue tinge .
  2. Gemstone should sprays blue and red rays.
  3. Gemstone should have high lust.
  4. Diamond is light and round.
  5. The Diamond with a red or yellow hue or tinge is said to be beneficial and auspicious for kings, political leaders and administrators.
  6. White hue is suitable for religious, social and spiritual works.
  7. Diamond's yellow hue showers success and prosperity.
  8. Diamond's black hue is suitable for people who are engaged in inferior jobs or professions.

Flaws of Diamond:

  1. Gemstone may have cracks .
  2. Gemstone may have dot or spot.
  3. Gemstone may have lines.
  4. Gemstone may be dull.
  5. Gemstone may be with depression.
  6. Gemstone may be blemished or defective.
  7. Gemstone may have a dirt in the corners or at the center.
  8. The Diamond with the shape of island, is white, destroys wealth and happiness.
  9. The Diamond with the black Yava destroys wealth.