Cat's Eye (लहसुनिया)

Cat's Eye is normally milky in color. The Cat's Eye having a yellowish radiance and a white band belongs to the superior class of such gemstones. It comes in more than one color. It is a very hot gem stone and is for Ketu. Ketu is considered the "Tail of the dragon". Cat's Eye should be worn in gold on the middle finger or ring finger of right hand on Thursday. It protects one from the evil effects of Ketu and from the diseases given by Mars. Wearer of this stone enjoys wealth and remains happy in the matter of children. It should always be worn after a trial. It also protect ones from various diseases, dangers and from enemies. Cat's Eye brings good luck to businessmen. It also bring good luck for person engaged in horse racing, gambling, stock market and speculations.

Cat's Eye proves to be a harmful if the stone is blemished. Dullness of stone is bad for health. There should not be cracks otherwise it gives injuries. Black spot is fatal or brings trouble from enemies. Stomach disorders as a result of depression.

Cat's Eye protects one from the bad effect of Ketu who's influences are similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha--enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden.On wearing it the person remains physically fit and also remains away from mental worries. It also makes one a wealthy person.

Qualities of Cat's Eye (Lahasunya) :

1. Gemstone should have yellowish radiance.

2. Gemstone is of milky white colour.

Flaws of Cat's Eye (Lahasunya) :

1. Gemstone may have cracks .

2. Gemstone may have black dot or spot.

3. Gemstone may be without transparency.

4. Gemstone may be dull.

5. Gemstone may be with depression.

6. Gemstone may be blemished.

7. Gemstone may be have a web.

8. Mica may be mixed in it.