Daily planner using Vastu

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Vastu Principles can provide guidance about planning our daily activities. According to Vastu Principles, Sun has tremendous influence on Vastu activities and hence influence on our life. Our daily schedule planned around Sun’s direction can make life unambiguous. So not only we do construction according to Sun, we should also perform daily essential tasks.
Before the Sunrise,  between the hour of 3AM and 6AM is a divine period. During this time, Sun is located in North East Direction. This hour is most suitable for analytical thinking, contemplating ideas and studies.
During 6AM and 9AM, Sun is rising and is in East Direction. Construction of your house should be such that it receives sufficient amount of Sun light during this time.
Between the hours of 9AM and 12Noon, Sun is located in South East Direction. This period is most suitable for cooking. The nature of Kitchen and Bathroom is such that the area is not dry. So, Kitchen and Bathroom should be located to receive maximum Sunlight during this period. This will help in keeping both the places dry, healthy and hygienic.
12 Noon and 3PM is the period of rest. Sun is now in South direction. So, Bedroom OR place of rest should be located in South direction.
Afternoon between the hours of 3PM and 6PM is time for work and study. Sun is in South West direction. South West direction is also considered perfect for Library, Reading or Study room.
In the evening between the hour of 6PM and 9PM is good for sitting, reading and dining. Sun is in the West direction, so Kitchen or living area location is good in West location of house.
Between the hours of 9PM through Midnight, Sun is in the North West direction. North West direction is also considered good for Bedroom.
From midnight, all the way to 3AM, Sun is in North Direction. This is a secret period. So, North direction and this period is considered good for placing valuable items, like Jewelry.

Industrial Vastu

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In recent Industrial Vastu consultation, few interesting questions were raised. The focus was on reducing undesirable accidents. Below is the summary of some Vastu principles.

Many types of products are made in factories. And factories also provide employment to thousands of people. If you are observ
ing undesirable events in your industrial location, your factory or mill, keep in mind the following things based on Industrial Vastu.
1. South West corner of the location should have the highest altitude. If there is a fault in this corner, it increases the possibility of accidents. Raising the altitude of South West corner reduces those possibilities. South West Corner is NAIRATYA CONE
2. Most manufacturing industries maintain raw material for production. Best location of storing raw material is North West.
3. ISHAN CONE (North East Corner) of factories should be kept relatively open, light and spacious.
4. South West corner on the other hand should not be empty.
5. Entrance of factory should be in North or East or North-East (ISHAN CONE). To assess and identify the direction, when you come out of the Entrance you should face that direction.
6. This Entrance door should be relatively larger than other doors.
7. Manufacturing industries usually require movement of large vehicles, trucks. There should be separate entrance for large commercial vehicles.
8. Administrative work and related administrative office should be located in East or North East portion of the office.
9. Besides workers involved in manufacturing , workers who are in back office should face North or East direction.
10. Factories usually are constructed like big warehouses with support of large metallic beams. Workers should avoid sitting under such big metallic support/guard beams.

Vastu and Romance

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In present times, we are so busy that romance in the Love Life has taken back seat.
If you want a Romantic Love Life, follow these three special Vastu guidelines for your bedroom.

1. Use colors associated with FIRE or EARTH in South West portion of Bedroom. Use these colors for Windows curtain, Cushions and even color of Windows. Red color exhibits romance. If the color is too bright for you, try using lighter shades.

2. To enhance romance, place glass or ceramic vase or pots in south west portion of bedroom. Add small pebbles or crystals, and light two candles. Choose red color candles, if possible. Light from red candles will spread positive energy and give strength to couple’s relationship.

3. To further strengthen marital relationships, place an energized crystal ball or energized pyramid, where you place your feet.
South west portion of bedroom can have a glass chandelier with red bulb.
To increase romance place wind chimes made of ceramic.
Keep your bedroom clean and clutter free. Even your side tables should have no clutter and they should be wiped clean of dust.

Vastu and your bed

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Evidently, good beds are very important for the good sleep. Beds and the living space are very important in our lives. In 24 hours we sleep at least 6-8 hours. It is not uncommon to keep things under our bed. Unmarried boys and girls should not keep things under their bed. 
According to Vastu Shastra, even if the bed is good and comfortable, yet the person sleeping on it is not getting married. Or the person using the bed is having any other issues in life; there is a good possibility that things under that bed are violating Vastu norms and principles.
If your sons or daughters are eligible for marriage, avoid keeping iron made objects and junk objects that are not in use. This raises conflict with Vastu Principles. Vastu Shastra works on the principles of positive energy and negative energy.
Simply stating, useless objects create negative energy that creates negative thoughts and behavior in a youth. It distracts them and steals their mental peace.
If everything seems to be alright and still the eligible boy or girl is not getting married, then consider Vastu analysis. Usual suspects are iron made objects and junk that is no more in use. Keep the area under bed clean. Avoid keeping anything underneath.

Remedy of feeding fishes

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There are two significant aspects of life, Joys and sorrows. Every person has to face them. There may not be a balance in these aspects. Some people face more joys and other may face more sorrows. According to the Vedic scriptures we receive them based on our “Karmas”.

It is believed that reincarnation results from Karmas performed in previous life. If a person is suffering hardship in life, then they should perform considerably more virtuous deeds. Good Karmas would destroy old sins and increases virtue. Doing so reduces the effects of grief and increases the joys and pleasures.

According to the Vedic scriptures an accurate measure to mitigate the sufferings is to feed fishes. If there is any defect or obstacle from a planet in your natal chart, this measure is very useful.

Act of feeding fishes is considered very auspicious. This leads to everlasting, renewable virtues. First incarnation of Lord Vishnu was a fish, to rescue Vedas, plants and animals. This incarnation increased the importance and significance of fishes. Besides this, feeding fishes is best way to achieve grace of all the gods and goddesses of the ruling planets. Feeding small-wheat-flour-dough-balls daily to fishes will bring enormous peace to mind. This can be done as a measure to stay happy and calm.

Vastu and Kitchen

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According to Vastu Shastra, objects placed in the kitchen can affect your financial and family status. Take precaution while placing objects in the kitchen.
1.       Avoid an impaired electronic device such as the kitchen grinder, exhaust fan, ceiling fan, etc. Either get that device fixed or remove it immediately. An impaired device strongly interferes with prosperity.
2.       Even if small components like burner knob, cooker lid are impaired, either fix them or replace them completely.
3.       Avoid too much electronic equipment in the kitchen.
4.       Refrigerator in the kitchen should be well organized, should contain fresh things and should not be empty.
5.       Cooking stove has a major part in the kitchen. If possible, place a mirror in front of the stove. Mirror image of stove is going to double the energy in the kitchen. More energy will bring good health and potential to increase wealth.
6.       Cooking stove should not be in front of the window. This leads to a reduction in stability.
7.       Avoid keeping holy objects or making temple in the kitchen. Also avoid putting pictures of elders or ancestors in the kitchen. Such images bring “Yin” energy while the energy we need in the kitchen is “Yen”. Such images increment environment of sadness and isolation.
8.       Not in use or broken pottery should be avoided. Stale or unhealthy food should be removed immediately.
9.       While cooking avoid facing a door or a window.

Location of Money according to Vastu Shastra

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Every home has a special place to keep money or wealth. Some people have money in the safe in a closet, while others have some designated safe place. Valuable things are usually placed where there is no fear of theft. By following Vastu Shastra guidance your money not only your money will be safe in the specified location, it will also increase sources of family income.

In this regard, some Vastu Shastra scholars believe that the cash should be placed in the north location while gems and jewelry should be placed in the south location. The reason for this is that cash, money, etc., are lightweight, so it grows exponentially in north. Gems and Jewelry have more weight and value, so these things are more suitable for south location. Lockers are best for these things because they are quite heavy.

According to Vastu Shastra, north is considered the place of god of wealth, Lord Kubera. Due to influence of Lord Kubrea the wealth is safe and prosperity continues, if located in north. It is not possible to have a separate room for cash, so money can be kept in any room located in north. Keep in mind that north location is safe and there should be any fear of theft. Having such location for money will also improve the economic situation.

Vastu Shastra is a Divine Science.

Aakshaya Tritiya or Aakha Teej

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Traditionally Akshaya Tritiya or Aakha Teej is celebrated as Birthday of Lord Parshuram. Lord Parshuram is the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
This holy day marks the beginning of Treta Period or Treta Yug.
The day is good for following activities
1. To start a new business
2. Donation to Charity
3. Invest in Gold and Diamond
Performing holy prayers on this day will give blessings that will stay forever. 
Astrological significance of this day is that Sun, Moon and Jupiter unite under Mrigshira Nakshatra (one of the sector on the ecliptic)
Following are the significance of this day
1. Holy and divine puja are performed during this day
2. This is the day marks the begining of Sat Yug and Treta Yug
3. Lord Parshuram incarnated on this day
4. Temple Badri narayan open their doors on this day
5. Birth of Nar and Narayan
6. Person who bathe in river Ganga or sprinkle Ganga water on them is relieved from sins

Pray, donate, perform homam, self learning are the key things that can be done on this day.


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Rudra translated as "The Howler" or "The roarer" is synonymous to Lord Shiva. Abhishekam literally translates as worshipping god by putting "Tilak" over the forehead of God.

Shri Ram as incaranation of Lord Vishnu established Shivling before crossing the sea, to express his devotion to Lord Shiv. 

Shri Ram performed the pooja in Lord Shiv's Rudra form, is hailed by Vedas as ghe greatest Pooja to remove evils, achieve desires and prosperity. 

The earliest mentions of Rudra occur in the Rigveda, where three entire hymns are devoted to Lord Shiv. Here Lord Shiv is referred as the "Father of the Universe"
Following steps are performed
  • Puja of Lord Ganesha
  • Kalash Sthapana
  • Shivling Sthapana
  • Recitation of Laghunyasa
  • Shivopasana mantra
  • Recitation of 108 names of Lord Shiv
  • Recitation of Sri Rudram
  • Shivling abhishekam

Entire atmosphere become pious and pure. Three hundred and forty six desires of human being are identified for leading a peaceful life. Lord Rudra is invoked to fulfill them.

If you are interested in finding serenity of body and soul through Rudrabhishekam, you can send email to

Shani Kavacham

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Shani Dev is son of Surya and Surya's wife Chhaya and hence also known as Chhaya putra.
Please hear Shani Kavacham in this YouTube Video Shani Kavacham. Shani Kavacham is from Brahmaand Purana and is a dialogue from Brahma about a powerful Kavach.
If you want Sanskrit Text, it's Transliteration and Translation you can send email to Don't forget to mention the reason why you are looking for Shani Kavacham and I will be happy to confirm if it will help.

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