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Vastu and Romance

posted Dec 8, 2012, 6:09 PM by SKD Admin
In present times, we are so busy that romance in the Love Life has taken back seat.
If you want a Romantic Love Life, follow these three special Vastu guidelines for your bedroom.

1. Use colors associated with FIRE or EARTH in South West portion of Bedroom. Use these colors for Windows curtain, Cushions and even color of Windows. Red color exhibits romance. If the color is too bright for you, try using lighter shades.

2. To enhance romance, place glass or ceramic vase or pots in south west portion of bedroom. Add small pebbles or crystals, and light two candles. Choose red color candles, if possible. Light from red candles will spread positive energy and give strength to couple’s relationship.

3. To further strengthen marital relationships, place an energized crystal ball or energized pyramid, where you place your feet.
South west portion of bedroom can have a glass chandelier with red bulb.
To increase romance place wind chimes made of ceramic.
Keep your bedroom clean and clutter free. Even your side tables should have no clutter and they should be wiped clean of dust.