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Vastu and Kitchen

posted Dec 8, 2012, 5:37 PM by SKD Admin
According to Vastu Shastra, objects placed in the kitchen can affect your financial and family status. Take precaution while placing objects in the kitchen.
1.       Avoid an impaired electronic device such as the kitchen grinder, exhaust fan, ceiling fan, etc. Either get that device fixed or remove it immediately. An impaired device strongly interferes with prosperity.
2.       Even if small components like burner knob, cooker lid are impaired, either fix them or replace them completely.
3.       Avoid too much electronic equipment in the kitchen.
4.       Refrigerator in the kitchen should be well organized, should contain fresh things and should not be empty.
5.       Cooking stove has a major part in the kitchen. If possible, place a mirror in front of the stove. Mirror image of stove is going to double the energy in the kitchen. More energy will bring good health and potential to increase wealth.
6.       Cooking stove should not be in front of the window. This leads to a reduction in stability.
7.       Avoid keeping holy objects or making temple in the kitchen. Also avoid putting pictures of elders or ancestors in the kitchen. Such images bring “Yin” energy while the energy we need in the kitchen is “Yen”. Such images increment environment of sadness and isolation.
8.       Not in use or broken pottery should be avoided. Stale or unhealthy food should be removed immediately.
9.       While cooking avoid facing a door or a window.