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Remedy of feeding fishes

posted Dec 8, 2012, 5:39 PM by SKD Admin

There are two significant aspects of life, Joys and sorrows. Every person has to face them. There may not be a balance in these aspects. Some people face more joys and other may face more sorrows. According to the Vedic scriptures we receive them based on our “Karmas”.

It is believed that reincarnation results from Karmas performed in previous life. If a person is suffering hardship in life, then they should perform considerably more virtuous deeds. Good Karmas would destroy old sins and increases virtue. Doing so reduces the effects of grief and increases the joys and pleasures.

According to the Vedic scriptures an accurate measure to mitigate the sufferings is to feed fishes. If there is any defect or obstacle from a planet in your natal chart, this measure is very useful.

Act of feeding fishes is considered very auspicious. This leads to everlasting, renewable virtues. First incarnation of Lord Vishnu was a fish, to rescue Vedas, plants and animals. This incarnation increased the importance and significance of fishes. Besides this, feeding fishes is best way to achieve grace of all the gods and goddesses of the ruling planets. Feeding small-wheat-flour-dough-balls daily to fishes will bring enormous peace to mind. This can be done as a measure to stay happy and calm.