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Industrial Vastu

posted Dec 8, 2012, 6:10 PM by SKD Admin
In recent Industrial Vastu consultation, few interesting questions were raised. The focus was on reducing undesirable accidents. Below is the summary of some Vastu principles.

Many types of products are made in factories. And factories also provide employment to thousands of people. If you are observ
ing undesirable events in your industrial location, your factory or mill, keep in mind the following things based on Industrial Vastu.
1. South West corner of the location should have the highest altitude. If there is a fault in this corner, it increases the possibility of accidents. Raising the altitude of South West corner reduces those possibilities. South West Corner is NAIRATYA CONE
2. Most manufacturing industries maintain raw material for production. Best location of storing raw material is North West.
3. ISHAN CONE (North East Corner) of factories should be kept relatively open, light and spacious.
4. South West corner on the other hand should not be empty.
5. Entrance of factory should be in North or East or North-East (ISHAN CONE). To assess and identify the direction, when you come out of the Entrance you should face that direction.
6. This Entrance door should be relatively larger than other doors.
7. Manufacturing industries usually require movement of large vehicles, trucks. There should be separate entrance for large commercial vehicles.
8. Administrative work and related administrative office should be located in East or North East portion of the office.
9. Besides workers involved in manufacturing , workers who are in back office should face North or East direction.
10. Factories usually are constructed like big warehouses with support of large metallic beams. Workers should avoid sitting under such big metallic support/guard beams.