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Daily planner using Vastu

posted Dec 8, 2012, 6:11 PM by SKD Admin
Vastu Principles can provide guidance about planning our daily activities. According to Vastu Principles, Sun has tremendous influence on Vastu activities and hence influence on our life. Our daily schedule planned around Sun’s direction can make life unambiguous. So not only we do construction according to Sun, we should also perform daily essential tasks.
Before the Sunrise,  between the hour of 3AM and 6AM is a divine period. During this time, Sun is located in North East Direction. This hour is most suitable for analytical thinking, contemplating ideas and studies.
During 6AM and 9AM, Sun is rising and is in East Direction. Construction of your house should be such that it receives sufficient amount of Sun light during this time.
Between the hours of 9AM and 12Noon, Sun is located in South East Direction. This period is most suitable for cooking. The nature of Kitchen and Bathroom is such that the area is not dry. So, Kitchen and Bathroom should be located to receive maximum Sunlight during this period. This will help in keeping both the places dry, healthy and hygienic.
12 Noon and 3PM is the period of rest. Sun is now in South direction. So, Bedroom OR place of rest should be located in South direction.
Afternoon between the hours of 3PM and 6PM is time for work and study. Sun is in South West direction. South West direction is also considered perfect for Library, Reading or Study room.
In the evening between the hour of 6PM and 9PM is good for sitting, reading and dining. Sun is in the West direction, so Kitchen or living area location is good in West location of house.
Between the hours of 9PM through Midnight, Sun is in the North West direction. North West direction is also considered good for Bedroom.
From midnight, all the way to 3AM, Sun is in North Direction. This is a secret period. So, North direction and this period is considered good for placing valuable items, like Jewelry.